5 Widely Used Fabrics for Clothing & Apparels

Do you know that your clothes can be made of different composition and type of fabric? This article is a guide for you to understand better the materials of our clothes, so you can make more earth-friendly choices by shopping with Poney!


First, there are two types of textile fibers – natural and synthetic.

Natural fibers are materials made from nature, like cotton or flax from animals. Synthetic fibers are items made from synthetic fibers where the fibers are artificially made.

Below are some of the examples of materials made from natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

 Natural Fibers Synthetic Fibers
Cotton Nylon
Silk Synthetic Polymer
Wool Polyester
Coconut Fiber Polyethylene


In this article, we will feature the Top 5 Fabrics used to produce clothing and apparels.



Cotton, which is also the most common material for clothing and this is made from natural fiber which can be grown organically without pesticide. Cotton easily absorbs moisture which makes a great material for tees or towels.


Note: Do you know? Most of Poney's Value Buy tees are made of 100% cotton!



Denim, is made of strong cotton fabric and it does not get wrinkled easily. Denim jeans are one of the easy care clothing where you don't need to frequently wash your jeans. You should always wash your jeans inside out to prevent undue fading and tumble dry on low to maintain fit.

When it comes to washing your jeans, do remember, less is more.



Linen, a lightweight breathable fabric especially in hot weather. It looks both casual and neat and it is made from flax, so the material is part of  natural fiber. Linen gets wrinkled very easily and requires gentle washing.




 Polyester, washes well and it's comfortable. This fabric type doesn't require special care. Polyester made products are durable and the dyes doesn't fade easily as they take color extremely well!



Rayon is a material that comes from cellulose fibre. It is lightweight, but still heavier than cotton. Rayon is manufactured fabric from natural fibers, so it is partly natural and synthetic. The feel of this material is similar to silk, wook and linen where it is soft, comfortable and smooth!

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