SINCE 1992,


  • PONEY is constantly up-to-date with the latest trend forecasts on clothing style, qualities, colors and patterns.
  • PONEY is a sought-after brand with superior standard and worth; each piece is created in the finest details with contemporary design and vibrant colors. 
  • PONEY caters to both boys and girls, from newborn to toddler to kids. 

There’s the kid’s masterpiece.
And then there’s everything else.

We embark on stringent product safety regulations to ensure that all of our products meet international safety standards.

Workmanship : We scrutinize our products to ensure it meets international workmanship standards.

Fabric selection : We select the finest and softest fabric quality in pursuance of maximising products durability so that they are stretchy and tender to the skin.

Brand Concept

Simplicity. Classic  

The line offers seasonal collections consisting of clean lines and mix-n-match simplicity. Suited for kids and parents who love to travel and explore the world around them.

Contemporary. Ultimate comfort  

Conceptualized as a prelude extension to PONEY, BABY PONEY is focused on providing contemporary styles for infants with clothes made from the finest and softest cotton, put together in an exquisite style


Retail Concept

PONEY Retail Concept packs a punch with it’s contemporary, French-inspired designs. Drawing from the design and aesthetic of modern and classic, PONEY restrained sensibilities work well to emphasize the power of the product, while at the same time emphasize innovative and creative design solutions.

The modern & classic design behind the French-inspired concept… echo the contrast between the children fantasy play land and the people who make the fashions. Embracing a complete theme, PONEY creates a surreal landscape of French Art Deco inspired luxury, beautifully marrying boldness and simplicity to echo the contrast between the children dantasy play land and the people who make the fashions.

PONEY presents the complete 4 seasonality merchandise-mix from apparels, fashion accessories and even to it's stores ambiance (tone and manner).

Fit it to believe it

Easy fit. We made our kid’s kid