Gift Wrapping

Can I request gift wrapping for my orders?

Yes, you can! You can select the option for gift wrapping during checkout and you’ll receive your order with premium gift boxes for just RM15. Simply select the gift-box option during checkout, and then choose the quantity of items you’re purchasing then we will fit your orders in the gift box and deliver them to your doorstep. Gift wrapping comes with complimentary gift cards so you can pick the message you prefer for the recipient. All online orders containing a gift box are sent with e-invoice, so no prices or billing information will be displayed.


Can I add a customized gift message to my order?

Nope, we don’t provide customizing gift cards at the moment but follow our socials to get updated on when we will provide customization of gift card messages!


Are there any items that can't be gift-boxed?

Some items are too big or bulky to be gift-wrapped – these include cribs, gears, couldn’t be included for gift wrapping.


How many items does a gift box fit?

Our gift boxes fit around 6 to 8 short sleeve tees, or you can purchase any 2 sets of apparels to fit nicely in a gift box!


What's the gift box dimension?

It's the normal sized gift box with 

  • Height: 9cm
  • Width: 30.5cm
  • Length: 23cm


I'm searching for gifts for my family/friends but there's too many choices, what should I choose?

We will suggest you to select a set of apparels from shirts, to bottom of our new arrivals collections or if you would like to let a family or friend of yours to decide, you can also opt for our PONEY exclusive e-gift card.


Will selecting gift wrapping delay my order?

We do ask that you allow an extra day for gift wrapped orders to be processed. But, as with all of our orders, we try to ship as soon as possible.



For further enquiries on gift wrapping, you may contact our customer support here!