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Kivrus Kids Mask (D'Shilhouette Design Print)

KIVRUS Functional Mask is a 3 layered reusable & washable mask powered by Swiss textile technology, HEIQ Viroblock-Antiviral Technology, not only shield us in our new normal life, but also act as a protective fashion apparel ready to add into your closet.

Layer 1: Hydrophobic Mask Skin
- 100% woven polyester fabric powered by HeiQ Pure - antimicrobial and odor control
- High-performing, sustainable and durable water repellency
- Exceptional efficiency and durability to washing and dry cleaning
- High level breathability
- Silver based antimicrobial and odor control
- Exceptional antimicrobial efficacy and durability

Layer 2: Nano PTFE Filter Membrane
- Polytetrafluoroethylene, next generation air filter material
- High efficient filtering performance, BFE>99% and PFE>95%
- Ultra breathability and durability
- Reusable and rewashable

Layer 3: Breathable Odor Free Inner
- Skin friendly comfortable fabric
- High Breathability allow air to pass through
- Good moisture for cooling
- Odor free with antimicrobial protection

In Layman terms:
Outer layer is a water repellent fabric and has bacterial filtration efficacy of 99% after 30 washes. This was tested by Swiss lab. At 60 washes, it drops to within 95%-99% depending on the detergent that was used. It is recommended that customers use normal hand wash soap for the face masks.

Filter layer is a washable filter that has the rating of BFE>99% and PFE>95%. It is ultra-breathable and highly durable.
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), Particulate filtration efficiency (PFE)

Inner layer is a moisture wicking material thus it has cooling effect. It is comfortable and skin friendly, perfect for the kids to wear as it won’t be confining. It is anti-odor too with antimicrobial protection.

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